Virginia Civil War Trails

1911 Manassas Peace Jubilee

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Virginia Civil War Trails

The Virginia Civil War Trails Sign located on the lawn of the old Manassas Courthouse

Recognition is given to Colonel Edmund Berkeley on a Virginia Civil War Trails campaign sign located in front of the old Manassas Courthouse building. Col. Berkeley is acknowledged for his participation and leadership role in the Manassas National Peace Jubilee of 1911 and in the 1915 dedication of the memorial on the grounds of the Manassas Courthouse that commemorated the event. Get great bonuses on the site with free daily spins. Limited offer.

(The Virginia Civil War Trails consist of over 260 stops in five interconnected campaign driving tours marked with trailblazing signs.)

The Peace Jubilee was commemorated by a memorial constructed at the corner of Grant and Lee Avenues on the courthouse lawn, which remains. The unveiling ceremony was held on September 30, 1915. Children of the Manassas public schools, 48 young women dressed in white, and Lady Columbia, played by Miss Katie Willcoxen, reenacted the pageant of 1911. Assistant Secretary of War, Henry Breckinridge, representing Woodrow Wilson, gave the keynote address on the subject of national preparedness. Judge J.B.T. Thornton, on behalf of Virginia Governor Stuart, welcomed veterans. The monument was unveiled by Colonel Edmund Berkeley and Lieutenant George Carr Round at the end of the ceremony. It consists of an inscribed bronze tablet atop a block of white granite, flanked by two Civil War-era cannon. Immediately flanking the tablet are two 400-pound ship’s anchors, each with three fathoms of chain. The anchors were a gift from Franklin D. Roosevelt, then Assistant Secretary of the Navy, who sent them from the New York Naval Ship Yard.12 The inscription on the tablet reads:

In Commemoration of the


The First Instance in History
Where Survivors of a Great Battle
Met Fifty Years After
And Exchanged Friendly Greetings
At the Place of Actual Combat
Here on July 21, 1911, the Closing Scene Was Enacted
The President, The Governor of Virginia
And Forty Eight Maidens in White Took Part
With 1,000 Veterans of the Blue
The Gray, and 10,000 Citizens of

Today:  The memorial commemorating the 1911 Peace Jubilee
at the corner of Grant and Lee Avenues on the lawn of the old Manassas Courthouse


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