New The National Park Service (NPS)

accepts the Evergreen Manor House to be included in the

National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom

The Evergreen Manor House now joins Oatlands Plantation, the Loudoun County Courthouse, Sully Historic Site, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, and other Northern Virginia sites.

The NPS determined that the Evergreen Manor House "makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the Underground Railroad in American history and that it meets the requirements for inclusion as a site."

National Network for Freedom
Read the acceptance letter from the United States Department of the Interior >

Get great bonuses on the site with free daily spins. Limited offer. The plantation relates to the Underground Railroad because African American bondsmen escaped. In the 1850s Edmund Berkeley, from a distinguished Virginia family, was the plantation owner of Evergreen. According to the slave censuses of 1850 and 1860, Berkeley controlled his own bondsmen and those dower bondsmen from his wife. In 1850 he had 33 enslaved people. There are at least three documented attempts to escape from slavery from Evergreen.

Read the historical research submitted to the NPS >

Link to the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Website >

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Evergreen 1937

Lewis Berkeley who was of the fifth generation of Berkeleys of Middlesex County, Virginia built the Evergreen Manor House in 1827. It passed to his son Edmund Berkeley, who organized Company C, "The Evergreen Guard," of the 8th Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. After the war Colonel Berkeley was the ranking Confederate veteran of Prince William County and took a great interest in promoting peace and healing of the country.Colonel Edmund Berkeley

Evergreen was originally a plantation of over one thousand acres and is located at the foot of the Bull Run Mountains in northwestern Prince William County. Evergreen Country Club is now situated on the grounds.

The Manor House was constructed in the Greek Revival style with Doric columns used on the front and rear porches. The central portion of the house is two and one half stories with a winding stairway to the third floor. The Evergreen Manor House is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been identified by Prince William County as a Designated Cultural Resource (DCR), a designation that promotes the identification, evaluation, and protection of cultural resources throughout the county.

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1911 Manassas Peace Jubilee

In 1911, fifty years to the date of the First Battle of Manassas, Lt. Col. Edmund Berkeley delivered the welcome address and read an opening poem at the Manassas National Jubilee of Peace where Confederate and Union veterans formed lines on the site of the battle and came together shaking hands. Later that day President Taft addressed the crowds.

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Dear Evergreen Manor House Supporter:

Live at Evergreen concerts - a hiatus in the concert series for 2011.

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"A Soldier and a Gentleman: Haymarket's Col. Edmund Berkeley"

Article by John Toler featured in the February 2011 issue of the Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine.

Read the article >

"Reflections on the Civil War"
by Dr. James I Robertson Jr.

Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Location: Evergreen Country Club, Haymarket Virginia
Event Category: Talk

Dr. James I. Robertson Jr. will present at the Evergreen Manor House, Haymarket, 7:30 p.m. Free. For information, (703) 340-6447

Evergreen Manor House now Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Approved by the National Park Service on March 27th, 2008

The National Register honors a historic place by recognizing its importance to its community, State or the Nation. The Evergreen Manor House was approved for listing on the Virginia and National Registers of Historic Places for its architecture and its military (Civil War) significance.

The listing makes the Evergreen Manor House eligible for rehabilitation investment tax credits from the State and Federal government and opens opportunities for grant monies from various sources.

The National Register nomination form contains detailed information about the architecture and some of the Civil War military history associated with Col. Edmund Berkeley.

View the Nomination Form for the State and National Register >

"Oak Hill - Home of President James Monroe"
1,725 acre Oak Hill Estate purchased by former Evergreen owner Thomas Delashmutt in 1948

Oak Hill

     Thomas Delashmutt, a civil engineer, formed a successful contracting company with his brothers in 1929. His company was responsible for the building of the road network around the Pentagon, site work for National Airport, Key Bridge expansion, etc. He purchased Evergreen Farm in the late 1930's and remodeled the manor house and added the stone wings. In 1948 he purchased Oak Hill which was the former retirement residence of President James Monroe.

Notice: Oak Hill is a private residence and not open to the public.

View the 1948 Washington Post article >
"Evergreen Farm/Country Club Transition Images"
Courtesy, Frank and Shirley Hoss

     In 1968 John Norman and a group of investors purchased Evergreen Farm from the Woolman family. Frank Hoss photographed the tranistion from Evergreen farm to Evergreen Country Club. The images show Manor House, stables, and outbuildings of the farm and the transition during a three year period from 1968 to 1971.

View The Slideshow >
"Manor House Preservation Effort Update"
MHPF Standpoint: Garcia/Leopold B&B Proposal

     The Manor House Preservation Fund (MHPF) was formed as a separate entity from the Evergreen Country Club to help preserve the historic manor house for future generations. The center section of manor house is nearly 200 year old and was once part of the 1024-acre Evergreen Plantation. It is located in a region (from Gettysburg to Charlottesville, an area soon to be designated as the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area) that holds more American history than any other swath of land in the country. The manor house is a landmark for the Club and the Evergreen Farm Community. It is recognized by Prince William County as a Designated Cultural Resource and would qualify for a listing on the National and State Historical Registries and Civil War Trail Signs marker designations.

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"Live At Evergreen" - Concert Series Kick-off
New Platinum Sponsor - Mike Garcia Construction

July 2nd Concert Photos
Live At Evergreen was officially launched with Mike Garcia Construction as the platinum sponsor.

Pearmund Cellars provided wine sampling. The winning ticket was drawn for the Pearmund Wine Tasting Raffle. Congratulations to Scott and Traci Corbett.

The winning ticket was drawn for the '65 Mustang Raffle. Congratulations to Ted Lloyd III of Clifton, Virginia.

"Buttons The Clown" entertained the kids when they were not busy at the crafts table.

The July 2nd concert was well attend despite the rescheduling and threat of thundershowers.

The next concert is on Sunday, July 30th and features Wall & Frye (Rock & Motown). We hope to see you there!

View Images from the Concert >
We Reached our Initial Fundraising Goal!!! - $110K
The Berkeley Ball Weekend - a Huge Success!

We Did It!!! Thank You!!!Thank you all! We have raised more than $110,000!

A big thanks goes to Tina Boyd and her many volunteers. To raise over $110K in less than 90 days is pretty astounding to say the least!

Thank you all that donated, played golf, tennis, participated in the walk/run, bid on an item in the auction at the Blue & Gray Ball, and/or attended our first concert on the Manor House Lawn. We were blessed with fantastic weather for all events. Over 150 attended the Blue & Gray Ball that was reported to be the best event ever held at the club.

An important milestone was reached. Per the Cooperative Agreement signed last October with the ECC Board of Directors, once $100k was raised the Manor House Preservation Fund can begin on the exterior stabilization project. We are now in the process of accepting and reviewing bids on the exterior work.

The $110K raised is a good start to make the Manor House look good and preserve this historic building for future generations.

'65 Mustang Raffle Ticket holders - We still have less than 100 tickets to sell to reach the 250 goal to maximize the money raised toward the preservation effort. The winning ticket will be pulled at one of our upcoming concerts. You do not need to be present to win. Thank you for your patience on this.

Again, Thank you have made a difference!

The Manor House Preservation Fund

Civil War Camp for Children Added to Berkeley Ball Weekend - Saturday, April 29, 2006
by the 8th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Reenactors

Kid's Civil War CampFor children ages 6 - 14. Come and be a part of the 8th Virginia Volunteer Infantry. Learn what camp life was really like, see how they drilled, try on a uniform, and make a camp craft.

Location: Evergreen Country Club, 15900 Berkeley Drive, Haymarket, VA 20169. Reenactors Camp Site - $20.00 per child

Read More-Get Entry Form

March 2, 2006: The Manor House Preservation Fund Fundrasing Committee Phone-a-thon Campaign Update

Tina Boyd, fundraising committee chair, and her volunteers have raised over $51,000 by way of the Manor House Preservation Fund Phone-a-thon! They have reached about three quarters of people in their initial focus group of Evergreen Farm Homeowners and the ECC Membership. A big "Thank You" to all that have contributed to this important effort. Positive responses were received from the majority of the folks called. If you were missed being contacted during this campaign please consider a donation by credit card or check for this important effort. You can make a difference!
Manassas National Battlefield Park Film -
Manassas: End of Innocence
The Henry Hill Visitor Center at the Manassas National Battlefield Park features a 45-minute film entitled "Manassas: End of Innocence" on the subject of the 1st and the 2nd Battles of Manassas. The film, which is narrated by Richard Dreyfuss and directed by Academy Award winner Ben Burtt (Star Wars & Indiana Jones), was released in 2002 and contains scenes of the interior and exterior of the Evergreen Manor House. Cast as wounded soldiers are Evergreen local "stars" Chess Graves and Bryan Dolieslager.
View Images; Read More
Winter Images - Manor House Virtual Walk
Take this virtual walk around the Evergreen Manor House after a fresh February snow storm.
Take the Walk >

Do you have questions about the Manor House Preservation Fund, your donation, etc.? Visit our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) webpage.

This web page addresses the common questions Evergreen Country Club members, Evergreen Farm Property Owners, or potential contributors may have regarding the scope of the preservation effort, use of funds, tax deductibility, etc.

Read More: FAQs >

1906 Bull Run Battlefield Monument Dedications - "Blood Not Shed in Vain." - Col. Edmund Berkeley

On October, 20 1906 Confederate veterans assisted Union veterans to dedicate three monuments on the grounds of the Bull Run Battlefield at Groveton in memory of the Fifth, Tenth, and Fourteenth regiments of the New York Volutneers who fell there in battle more than forty years earlier. Colonel Edmund Berkeley, one of the "heros of the Eighth Virginia Infantry" was the assistant marshal and delivered the address of welcome.
Read his words>

Virginia Civil War Trails - Peace Jubilee: Friendship and Reconciliation

Recognition is given to Colonel Edmund Berkeley on a Virginia Civil War Trails campaign sign located in front of the old Manassas Courthouse building. Col. Berkeley is acknowledged for his participation and leadership role in the Manassas National Peace Jubilee of 1911 and in the 1915 dedication of the memorial on the grounds of the Manassas Courthouse that commemorated the event.
Virginia Civil War Trails
Read more >

1911 Manassas National Peace Jubilee
On July 21, 1911, the 50th anniversary of the First Battle of Manassas, "The Great Peace Jubilee and Reunion" was held on the Manassas courthouse grounds. The dramatic event was attended by thousands, including aging veterans of both the Union and Confederate forces. Colonel Edmund Berkeley, a resident of Prince William who served in the 8th Virginia, welcomed the veterans.
Read more >

Cooperative Agreement Signed!
On Oct. 25, 2005 a Cooperative Agreement was signed between the Evergreen Country Club, Inc. and the Manor House Preservation Fund, Inc. to undertake fundraising activities and to perform restoration and repair projects for the sole purpose to preserve the exterior of the Evergreen Manor House.
Read more >

Hugh Douglas Berkeley
Hugh Douglas Berkeley was the thirteenth child of Edmund and Mary Berkeley. Hugh graduated from West Point in 1894. The Evergreen Manor House Preservation Group was recently contacted by the US Army for placement of his class ring. West Point began collegiate tradition of the class ring, beginning with the class of 1835, and continuing ever since. The lone exception is the class of 1837, which had class cuff links. The US Army has supplied this obituary for Hugh Douglas Berkeley.
Read more >

National Trust for Historic Preservation Announces 2005 List of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places
The National Trust for Historic Preservation named the 175-mile-long corridor from Gettysburg, PA to Monticello to its 2005 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. The Evergreen Manor House is located in this corridor.
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"Boys, remember Haymarket!"
This cry by Confederate soldiers in Major Edmund Berkeley's 8th Virginia Regiment rang out during the destruction of railroad buildings controlled by Union forces just two days before the Battle of Gettysburg.
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Familiar Roadside Image - Drawing of the Manor House By Wright '93
This artwork can be found on the Evergreen Country Club direction signs posted on Rt. 15, Waterfall Road, and Mill Creek Road.
View Drawing >

Book Reivew - A Virginia Scene or Life in Old Prince William
Alice Maude Ewell (1860-1946) gives a snapshot of what it was like during her lifetime to live in then rural northwestern Prince William County. (Her home was located just north of the Evergreen Plantation.)
Read more >

by Carroll Buffum Sr. - adapted by Dave Prokop
...may these words bring comfort, to the house with a broken heart.
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