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Manassas: End of Innocence

The Henry Hill Visitor Center at the Manassas National Battlefield Park features a 45-minute film entitled "Manassas: End of Innocence" on the subject of the 1st and the 2nd Battles of Manassas. The film, which is narrated by Richard Dreyfuss and directed by Academy Award winner Ben Burtt (Star Wars & Indiana Jones), was released in 2002 and contains scenes of the interior and exterior of the Evergreen Manor House. Cast as wounded soldiers are Evergreen local "stars" Chess Graves and Bryan Dolieslager.

The film shows each day, every hour on the hour starting at 9:00 a.m. with the last show at 4:00 p.m. The program is captioned for the benefit of the hearing impaired. The cost is $3.00.

In the following image wounded soldiers are taken to the Manor House. (In this film the Manor House was used as a field hospital after the 1st Battle of Manassas.)

Note: This film used the state-of-the-art digital effects to historically enhance the film and reduce the resourses used. In this scene the Manor House's roof dormers are digitally removed and an extra fireplace is added on each end of the main portion of the house. For more information on the digital effects used in this film visit:

Digitally Enhanced Evergreen Manor House

The following scenes were shot on one of the side stairwells in the Evergreen Manor House.

In this scene a sword is returned to the wife of a fallen Confedrate Soldier

Interior view shot in the Manor House

A civil war doctor attends to a wounded soldier (played by Evergreen's Chess Graves) outside the steps to the Manor House.

Chess Graves' award winning performance(?)

A civil war doctor tries to save the leg of a wounded soldier (played by Evergreen's Bryan Dolieslager) inside the parlor of the Manor House.

Bryan Dolieslager's award winning performance(?)


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